Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ramblings of a mad builder

*stares at the building and cocks his head to the side*

Its not pink, its salmon colored...

*looks at the building and sighs*

Its pink.

Well in the workshop it looked quite different. Oh well, at least its more pleasing to the eyes than oak planks. The color contrasts beautifully from the red brick ballroom just across the street. When I saw the concept designs I knew that I would be making something similar myself. The interior is a colorful mint with plastered trims on the walls. Oddly, the colors mix quite well, I did try and paint the walls different colors but retained the original mint I had in mind.

During the past couple weeks we've gone through a series of renovations to Steelhead, the new saloon, the salmon colored building is the new Silver Rose building I snucked into place last night with the consent of its owner, Miss Muromachi who was thrilled and quoted by saying, 'Its making my satelite store look bad.' A lovely compliment, happy to have made something notable. Sure I could have let things alone, but really... change is a good thing is it not? Plus it manages to give me experience, I think I'm getting better.

After tearing down the Taiyou I decided that even I would be subject to such change. Although Tensai adored the tree, its time I made us a proper house is it not? I sawed the tree down and began work finding materials that would appeal to me and mine. The tree had roots in my elvish lineage as well as its oriental feel reminding me of my times in the monastary with the Buddhist monks learning the ways of their people and reminding Tensai of her asian lineage. But like I said, time for change...

I've taken a saw to my tree house and in its stead will place a large romanesque build, the concept is still eluding me... its a work in progress.

No paintings of it yet I'm afraid, its skeleton isnt even complete. I have picked materials for the house. The stones are being quarried from a neighboring province in the mountains. Its a dark lilac hinted with rose almost quartz in color. Once again, not pink.

It will be large as all things I create usually turn out to be. Im a tall man so the doors were handmade to be unusually taller than average. Im exceedingly happy with the results and cannot wait to show my sister of whom helped pick out the wood finish. Tensai will have a personal study of which she is more than happy to blow up and since the house is stonework I won't have to rebuild quite as often.

On another build note....

The photo below is a small scale build for the new town hall. Fuzzball Ortega seemed quite content with it. It will house the new jail, and conference room as well as meeting room for the town hall as well as an official office for me and tensai and some areas for gallery.

See this is what happens when you give up your social life. You build... alot.

On even better news everyone please welcome Steelheads two new residents, the Decosta's of whom are a very welcome addition to the town and their friends Mr Remington Pinon and Mrs. Krystine Qinan (hopefully spelling is correct). Mr & Mrs Decosta arrived by train a few weeks prior and have been around town and Caledon finally settling here in Steelhead, so welcome folks. They wired a message to their close friends who thought the town was quite charming and decided to move in as well.

Welcome to the neighborhood folks.

Side note, I do have concept for harborside drawn out. I think I should unveil it shortly.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Oooo, concept art of Harborside. I wanna see that.

I'm also enjoying all the changes being made in Steelhead. It's a huge difference than what it was a year ago, when the only people in town were me and Lumina.

Eva Bellambi said...

Lunar! Such remarkable work. I can tell I need to let myself stroll through the town much more often than I do. So often, I stop by for a dance and let just after it is finished without taking time to look around.

Can't wait to see more!

Edward Pearse said...

That reminds me I must ask Persephone whit building the Sydney Textures came from.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

more mad building soon to come..