Sunday, December 16, 2007

For those who've shared a vision... and kept it going.

Let it be known that the generosity of humans never ceases to amaze me.

My sister and she will throw some shoe at me for bringing this up moved to Steelhead because she found employment in Le Jardin, the town’s old brothel. She enjoyed her life there, and persuaded me to move there and open a store. For me it was just a store, a place to build and sell my wares had I any at the time, we had hopes for that empty lot between myself and Tensai who I was still apprenticing under at the time. I was content to just watch and learn to further my knowledge in plants and waterfalls.

It was not long after my stay when I saw how close everyone was, friendly, I saw a community where I had not seen one before. But even with such people I could tell the contention of chaos where there should be order. Without going into details Steelhead was a dying city as Ambertown before it was destroyed by a flood and the manager at the time would not further Steelheads growth.

After chaos ensued less than a month after our move to Steelhead we, meaning myself and Tensai offered ourselves as builders for the community to fix things that need fixing, buildings that had no use anymore… there were so many that had no purpose when they should.

Every place every time everything goes through a period when change is inevitable lest they die, it was such a time for Steelhead. I learned through trial and error how to build. I had not done such a thing before. Eventually I surpassed my master, married my master heheee… and geared Steelhead into change. From the place we were to the place we are now it has not only been myself fighting for change, working hard for everything to fall into place, everyone who comes to Steelhead enjoys the town, the stores, the builds, and most importantly the people… If its not known now then let it be known I do not get reimbursed for anytime spent doing the things I do or the buildings I've made. Nor would I ask for anything, it was done because I shared a vision. Katt’s vision is a place for people to gather and dance, to play music because she loves music all based around the area she loves. It’s my vision now, and everyone who sees this shares this as well.

Harborside isn’t my land… it’s yours. You fought for it, you advertised and you worked hard to let it be known. I’ll work hard for you as I have before and always will. We’re almost there folks, this dream will expand and you’re part of a unique family now. A little dysfunctional at times, but still a family.

I've always believed that anything that has great value is worth fighting for.

So, for everyone who has shared that vision… thank you.

Annechen Lowey
KlausWulfenbach Outlander
Hawc & CeAire Decosta
Eugenia Burton
Christine McAllister
Sir Edward Pearse
Aza Zymurgy
Eladrienne Laval
Darien Mason
Edwina Heron
Krystine Qinan & Remington Pinon
Myfanwy Davies
Turing Weyland
Searra Weatherwax
Hotspur Otoole
Maev Ceawlin
Phineas Messmer
Emilly Orr
Jameson Despres
Terry Lightfoot
Glorie Thibaud

And a special thank you to the following

Of course the Wulfenbach clan
Desmond Shang for believing we can make this happen and putting some faith in me
My Councilors who are my support and my emissaries, Christine, Lumina, CeAire and Darien
Fuzzball for being not only a friend but the best damn sheriff and DJ combo ever
Tensai for being my 24hr technical support free of charge… its called marriage hah!

And Kattryn Severine who is the kindest, purest soul anyone would ever know.

I’ll expand our dream Katt and make it everyone's.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Thank you, my friend. I know that this isn't an easy task for you, expanding Steelhead. Hopefully, everyone who's helped has made it a bit less stressful for you.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

With having to suddenly move at the new year, rejoining the work force its been a tough season. I'll have to keep depending on everyone for a bit until the move is complete then we can sit and focus on the master plans.

But yes, help with this has been needed, wanted and well recieved. Thanks to everyone.

Emilly Orr said...

Happy to help, Lunar, always. I am overjoyed that the fundraiser worked out so stunningly; happy beyond measure that those of us who blog brought enough attention to your door to guarantee all but eight parcels beforehand.

It was a concerted effort, and one I'm humbled and gratified to be some small part of.

You've realized Katt's dream--Steelhead now truly reflects her vision, where music is honored, community is honored, eccentricity and family bound together.

I have no doubt you've made her very proud.

Christine McAllister Pearse said...

Ah my dear brother....while I'm not exactly proud of my past association with Le Jardin, it did bring me to Steelhead, which is a town very dear to me. Besides, if I hadn't been employed there, I'd have never learned that I *hate* watching the clock and presenting a false face and feelings to someone just because they happened to be paying me.

Anyhow, I'm glad you and Tensai came and stayed and stuck it out through all the crap that has flown in the past. Thanks also for persevering with Harbourside. I know it's going to be wonderful.

Take care and good luck with that move!

Unknown said...
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Bloodwing said...


Please do not forget your Master Gardener and my Dear Sister, Lumina Elvejhem.

*his faint smile fades...he lets the wind run through his hands before he turns to walk away*

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Of course I haven't forgotten, she is and always has been one of my most trusted councilors.