Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heaven, Hell or Terra Firma

As I was tearing down the ballroom walls Miss Eladrienne had been quite busy creating this massive work of art inspired by one of her favorite artists. The piece of artwork whose name escapes me at the moment was a set of three panels depicting heaven, earth and hell and the builders were instructed (to my knowledge) to choose a panel and construct whatever inspires them. This piece of work was done by Miss Eladrienne and her building partner Kheph.

The tower of judgement, and as per her build style in steampunk.

This picture reminds me of the movie Brazil.

Some of the other exhibits are worth your time to see as well. I'm rather cheering the bull. Cut their heads off!

There are some extremely literal pieces as well.

The photo above reminds me of a planned suburban rural community. The build below was done by a fellow caledonian. Don't adjust your screen we were dancing on the wall. Another amazingly well done build.

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