Sunday, June 1, 2008

I normally do not do woodwork but I find with the renovation of the hotel I am doing things I often would just not do. The progress I am pleased with albeit slow it is turning out to be an extreme challenge as well. After this renovation I am simply not going to touch it, let someone else rebuild it when it has become dated. Or as I should have done to begin with... leave it alone. I grin realizing I cannot let anything be, it is against my nature to do such a thing.

I have employed both Eladrienne and Lumina as my texture muses creating custom textures and windows, I ripped out every single wall, the whole ceiling and second balcony floor. I have not yet taken apart the floor, I am waiting on new wood that may possibly go in... possibly. I refuse to put in carpet, the rains have everyone bring in mud and dirt.

When my eyes start to fade and I set aside my tools and called it a night. That is until I recieved an owl concerning a 'halfway there' sim festival Miss Tanarian had been speaking of concerning the RFL (relay for life). I was not even going to open the missive, just save it for the next day but I did. They had acquired sevreal sims and some of the teams were to get a location to put in some buildings, or anything... they were given leisure. We thought it would be a good way to promote the city.

When I kept reading my eyes widened.

'Builds must be completed by May 31'st before 8pm.'

I checked my watches and it was just a few hours into June.

Oh holy hell mother of Ithill.

Tanarian and myself located Steelhead's parcel, and we looked at each other knowing that perhaps we may have to pull an all nighter on this. When given complete creativity to build whatever pleases me I am a bit stumped. So what could I build that best represents Steelhead?

Giant Chickens? no...

Floppy dong? hrm... definitely not.

I had secretly thought to slap the unfinished hotel on there and let everyone gawk or another build and be done with it. Why not the field of cosmos, everyone seems to enjoy it. It brings me great joy and peace. So I began to plant, but it didn't seem... enough. I build to gain attention. Digging through my folders I had leftover pieces of the Bridge of the Gods in Boomtown and decided to just... do something with that.

So for two days Steelhead has this odd half bridge half garden display with mechanical gears turning. Enough to beat the crap out of the Magicians' Team next door. *grins* I have no idea who will come or what comes of it, all I know is that the Steelhead Salmon team has the best display. So, I guess it must be visited before it gets torn down on the second of June.

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Fuzzball Ortega said...

Actually looks pretty neat. Should put it in a future expansion sim of Steelhead. Maybe make a few changes...