Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Pimping by yours truly.

I believe I said I was going to come out with a better more comprehensive map. The area marked in red is going to be built on a pier and will be the commercial district. The area marked in blue is going to be boat slips for houseboats. And each lot now has its own numbering.
To answer some FAQ's yes you can combine lots and yes if you buy a lot on one side of the sim and then another you can combine the prims of both lots. And if you would like a water lot you can certainly rent a water lot not marked on the map. We do not sell all the prims on the sim for this reason.
Please IM TotalLunar Eclipse if you're interested, also please visit our town hall to see which lots are still avaliable as they are selling quickly.
Thank you,
TotalLunar Eclipse - Steelhead Estates Management

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