Monday, July 20, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

I found out the other night they had awards in different categories for builds in RFL. To be honest I think that's adding a contest where there should be none.

Steelhead Team Salmons presents: Crescent Lake Oregon

Using various pieces and concepts from each sim I recreated Crescent Lake, Oregon. I wanted my focus to be in the beauty of nature and landscaping and even the sounds of the woods rather than focusing on a building. It was a place of solitude and nature, the lake wrapped around a mountain that was fed by a cascading waterfall.

The waterwheel from Boomtown was brought in that feeds into a small duck pond surrounded by cosmos.

A side entrance is surrounded by mountains and redwoods.

Thank you to Steelhead for all the work and effort you put in by showing your support. I do it for my mother, I do it for those in the community who have to fight this, to those who have to support others who have cancer, to those who have lost and remember their loved ones, or those that just want to help however they can to make a difference.

I am so very proud of you all for everything you've done to make this year's RFL how it was, to Tanarian and Annechen for cat herding the group, for Fuzz who is our captain next year, to SteelCobra for tagging along with us and everyone who gave a little, or a lot, donated items for sale, or bravely walked despite the lag no matter if it was 20 laps or half a sim.
You are truly my inspiration.
Go Fish!
- Lunar

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Unknown said...

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to run (or swim in the molassesy lag) past the Steelhead camp and hear the cheers! I was not able to respond most times, but do want you to know what a difference you all made. Thank you.

Fogwoman Gray