Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wrangler Cup Horse Race!

Steelhead was host to the First Annual Wrangler Cup Horse Race sponsored by Doc Wranglers in Steelhead Harborside... the very finest in menswear.

Shameless advertising aside we set out in creating a three sim wide loop around Harborside, Capital City and Boomtown. Entrants ranged from riding horses to unicycle and elephant.

1st Place and winner of the Wrangler Cup... Velesjaeger Munster
2nd Place contestant... Annechen Lowey

It was so much fun to watch we went ahead for a second run.

1st Place.... Maev Ceawilin
2nd Place... Valentine Eastwood

Our first place winner resting after the first run.

Martini Portland riding Puffalump the most impressive Elephant. Winner of the elephant competition. (didn't actually have an elephant competition but he deserves a prize for entering this fine beasty)

Eladrienne Laval riding her trusty Shetland steed.

Visit us against next year for Steelhead Days Harvest Festival and the SECOND annual Wrangler Cup Horse Race Competition.

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