Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ideas I'm using in regards to St Helens

The collection of photos here are ideas I've started gathering for St Helens through the SL grid, the net, my own backyard, various historical photos etc... I'd like to credit where things were found but alas... I forgot to write things down.

These set of photos come from Rustica, I TP'd there and got mauled by a bear and was promptly sent back home, but I returned and took a good look around. The one thing I was wondering was HOW DID THE DESIGNER FIND ME IN RL? I swear this looks like my backyard. I live in a forest away from civilization (but not away from the Internet thank the Internet gods) and this looks very similar to where I live. The SLURL is a few posts down, I suggest to find it and wander and get mauled by a bear.

Thankfully the designer sells the sim textures as well as the trees of which I will be using to high extent.

This is the bear that mauled me.

I found this windmill somewhere online, I don't really know what it has to do with anything but I like it. I especially like how it seems to have been built over the bottom building. Upon further note, it looks like a lumberyard down there. If someone moving in wants to build this then KUDOS!

This is a nice little distressed wood cabin. It looks as though it has gotten a beat down with the rain.

This is a great looking farmhouse. I like the distressed shingles, the shape is something I rarely see in SL, and some nice looking rusted machinery laying about is always good.

My brain fried so I can't remember the name of the sim where this is located, Verdigis? Well this is a small area with a store called Dirty Rat that has some interesting items, and the texture store is called Distressed textures... like the name says all the textures are weathered and distressed. The building style I like, and it keeps in theme with the western atmosphere I want to keep.
This lift is just novel! Well done.
Here's a great style house using different materials. The best part about most of the houses in SL... you can mod them. (depends on the maker) Don't be afraid to try a different texture. As a builder I sold houses Mod/Copy/no transfer that way the consumer could change textures. But a word of warning, make sure if you do that you keep a copy of the original build. I have turned a house into a rug before.
Here's a closeup of a great distressed texture house. This is just perfect, absolutely perfect.
Here's a backyard home that has seen better days. Around this area I am used to seeing grand Victorian styled homes built in the late 19th century with these little run down homes in the somewhere along the property more than likely where the groundskeepers lived.
I just like this.
A note on Victorian Homes.
I am not against the idea of Victorian styled homes in St helens at all but as the history around that region goes it was a meager settlement area. I just would like to see distressed textures or muted tones, Romanesque style is acceptable as well.
These series of houses are homes found in the Oregon area around the turn of the century.

And lastly I wanted to talk to you about steam.

To include an element of steampunk it would be prudent for the settler to know about the geographic of the area. There are other ways to create steam than burning coal or lighting your arch nemesis' house on fire, the mountain has its charm in more ways than its beautiful peak.

Mt. St. Helens is in fact a volcano, and with that comes these little things below... hot springs. Some of these are too sulfuric to be healthy but the best part of it is the steam it produces because of its extreme temperatures.

Free steam?!?! NO WAY.. YES WAY!

If you're so inclined for using steam to power your house/boat/bath/death ray you may want to consider moving to Mt. St. Helens for this abundant natural resource.


Aunt Foggy said...

Thanks so much for this! I have been trying to figure out what sort of little cottage I would put up on the mountainside. I was leaning towards stone, but thinking of clapboard now.
As I look at those photos I just keep hearing Tommy Silva's voice: "This is bad, Norm. Look at this foundation..."

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Welcome to the neighborhood my dear.

John Aardema said...

I'd have to sell all my secret Caledon land...which I may do.

Riven Homewood said...

Oh this is tempting - I didn't think anything could get me out of Harborside, but the opportunity to recreate the Big Geysers resort, where I lived for several years....I will have to think about this.

Neb said...

Nice collection of pics! Now, don't throw tomatoes at me or anything, but those last few houses are for very, very wealthy people in big towns. The lumber baron or mill owner would live like that, but not really anybody else.

Myrtil Igaly said...

Cool windmill :)
I'm not sure I'll do just exactly the same, but I'll do my best to build something nice.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

The last few houses are of wealthy people, land barons who made their money off of scavaging the land for all its resources. Headburro has alot of land he could totally pull it off if he wanted.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Ahhh, but the poor Burro is returning there to get away from people - his terrible burns make him somewhat of a recluse :)

I'll not be up to building much (I really do suck at it) but I'll make sure I buy nice stuff that fits and I'll be bugging you for advice as well :-D