Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Steelhead Mt. St. Helens

Welcome to Mt. St. Helens, a Frontier Western Steampunk Community in the Steelhead Estates.
Sixth sim in the Steelhead Estates, Mt. St. Helens is a community that encompasses the last of the frontier wilderness of the Oregon Territories.

Nestled in a quiet valley is Mt. St. Helens, overshadowed by a massive beautiful mountain and picturesque Spirit Lake surrounded by acres and acres of trees and wilderness. Away from the busy urban area’s of the capital city Mt. St. Helens is a more undeveloped than its sister sims.

In agreeing to reside or set office or storefront in Mt St Helens you will agree to the following terms:By entering into Steelhead and any of its sistering cities you are immediately agreeing to the theme of the cities and any buildings placed must stay in that theme as well as abiding to the city’s seasonal changes, group ownership rights, auto return etc…

The city will be a rugged wilderness, unpaved roads and full of trees. No upscale Victorian houses unless the colors are muted down or aged or there is cracked paint. The builds are to be constructed of materials found in the 1800's, wood and brick, plaster is ok because it was used as facades and for columns and statues. Absolutely no modern builds or gorean... period. Plywood is allowed on the ground for four days, beyond that it must be textured. There is no height restrictions but please keep the builds in theme, remember there were no skyscrapers in the woods back then.

Steampunk is very much allowed as long as you throw a western influence into the build. (Remember this is a volcanic area, think... geothermal) You’re required to have trees on the properties, unless you’re an industry. Please make sure the trees are indigenous to the area. If you’ve clearcutted for pasture then make it believable such as stumps or stacked lumber. We want to showcase the more rugged nature of the wilderness in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t have dry cracked ground or dry air with tumbleweeds passing by this is the Oregon Territories.

Industry such as logging, slaughterhouses, cattle ranching, shipfitting, and whaling are very welcome. Industry builds are allowed to spit out tons of smoke in the air as well as dump pollutants into the water (This was the era before the EPA). There are specific zoned area’s for industry colored red on the map. If you want to rezone a green lot please consult with Lunar as it is possible to expand industrial zones.

The city is on a higher plateau dipping into a valley surrounded by part of Mt. Hood, Mt Garlic, and Shanghai Ridge as well as Mt St Helens itself. The waterways are the Columbia River that waterfalls down to Bootmown at the border as well as Spirit Lake as well as a number of smaller creeks.

I reserve the right to inspect all buildings that are placed, and even reserve the right to refuse buildings management feels is not in theme.

Thank you for your interest,TotalLunar Eclipse - Steelhead Estates Management


Caliburn Susanto said...

Excellent. Biological me resides in Portland, OR and the Steelhead areas of SL are particularly beautiful and well-managed. Can't wait to have a look around. Cheers!

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

The terraforming has already begun on our OSGrid with accurate USGS terraformations of the mountain. Soon!