Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Failed Romance Novel Cover Contest

This image is completely borrowed from the Great Longmire which is, by the way, pure_genius_work. So we're expanding on the ridicule this month.

1) Find a romance Novel or pose for your own!

2) Change its absurd title to something more appropriate and laugh worthy.

3) Submit it to TotalLunar Eclipse by February 25th.

4) We'll laugh insanely, top three get PRIZES!

Submit textures in 512x512 size
Please make sure your textures are full perm
Please make sure you put the texture on a notecard and put your full name on it so I know who its coming from.
Contest is open to anyone, so spread the word.
Maximum of two entries per person.

Questions brought up.
Q: Can it be romance novel on bugs or non humans? Yes

An Example:

Why is it men can't seem to keep their shirts on the covers of these novels... good question.

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