Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The annoying bird was grating on his nerves. It’s chirping was not melodic at all, more like a honk instead.

He opened a single eye and glared at the offending creature that was directly outside his window that had no lyrical sense. The bird seemed to understand its annoyance to him and quieted, fluffing out its feathers and nestling itself on the branch.

Lunar closed his eye and began to fall into a light slumber when a rather loud knock on the window caused him to snap his eyes open fully awake. Sighing, knowing that sleeping was utterly futile he stood up almost rolling ungracefully in a heap on the ground. As soon as his feet touched the ground he winced at the frozen ground.

Yawning he ran his fingers through his hair cursing at the snag. His hair was a complete mess from the fitful sleep he had. For the past couple of nights he had been plagued by odd dreams, perhaps they would be considered nightmares. He was in a forest and the moon was at its lowest peak a giant celestial body in the night sky. He heard his father’s voice but could not make out what the man was saying, it came from everywhere and nowhere. Then the rays of the moonlight began to burn on his skin growing stronger and stronger until it blinded him, and he awoke frightened and in a cold sweat.

Shaking his head he walked down the hall sidestepping a mechanical trinket that was sweeping the floor. Tensai Messenger was standing at the bottom of the stairs, her internal gears seemingly running louder today as her eyes were closed. She must be in self repair. He thought to himself walking around another set of brass machine that had a delicate metal arm and a wet rag on the end washing the windows. He sat at in the kitchen bar on a stool in front of an empty place setting and merely waited resting an elbow on the table and his chin on a fist. They were late today it seems.

A small bot was busy at the stove flipping over an egg omelet before tossing it in the air onto the plate in front of him splattering egg bits on him. A tiny spider looking bot slowly crawled its way towards him carrying a cup of tea on its back. It sat itself on the ground and its legs detracted into its body before switching off.

She really needed to make him a toast bot.

Lunar ate quietly wondering where the little scientist of his wife was, she had been working on something, fell asleep at her workbench before he dragged her to bed and must have woken up before him. It was odd she never woke up before noon even if she had a breakthrough invention.
Reading the Sentinel he skimmed over the news frowning at the news of the departure of a resident. Mentally wishing them well on their next adventure he flipped the paper to its side and opened it up fully to read the funny articles. He heard stomping of boots coming up the stairs from the basement and sipped his tea preparing for the chaos that would more than likely ensue.

“You’re rather up early my dear.” He muttered taking another sip of coffee.

He lowered his paper to see her bouncing around in small circles holding a large glass container with odd gears inside it over her head. “What is that supposed to do?”

“This is…” She stared at him for a moment, dropped the glass container not caring as it shattered all over the ground and pointed at him, “What the hell happened to you!?!”

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Woah! What's happened? It seems change is in the air - I hope Tensai hasn't broken the moon again!