Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Steelhead

As I have said before, I am merely a caretaker of a great community.

The community and tis united feel were there before Tensai and I arrived. Then it wasn’t the city you see now, it was a small rural western town with barns and tumbleweed and casino’s. Back then the sheriff was a demon, the deputy a lycan and Miss Lumi sold furniture. Steelhead is around five years of age it is even older than that as it had a different name.

But as all good things she grew and the community grew with her. We’ve loved, we’ve lost, we’ve even fought but we’re still together. The spirit of its community is one of the strongest on the grid, small as we may be in consideration to other lands our sense of community is stronger than anywhere else I have ever seen. We are a town rich in diverse culture and walks of life, we have openly embraced differences but most of all we’ve been there for one another.

Each one of you makes up the community you need not have land to do so. Managing Steelhead I’ve seen some come and go but we have an extremely high retention rate. RL happens, but those who’ve had to give up homes in Steelhead never leave Steelhead. That should tell you something about the community, about the place we call home and the people we immerse ourselves with. Someone last night said they wandered into Steelhead one day to buy something and never left. As I always say, Steelhead may be beautiful but her people are lovely. This holds true even after five years.

Steelhead has always been there for me. We were given a precious thing to take care of, it will remain if the grid fails… we’re just tasked with finding another place for it should that happen. Mindy said it best last night, that even if all we had was a single building we’d still be Steelhead. Last night so many people told me ‘welcome home.’ And I couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

To those who would help out in saving St Helens, I thank you. Words fail to describe the depth of my gratitude at this moment. I don’t want anyone overextending themselves, we have much land available… spreading the word out helps greatly. Let’s invite more neighbors, let’s welcome them home.

We have much work to do. Let’s get to it.

- Lunar

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