Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome Bad Bella

Tensai and I have been loosely working on an in world store in between our management of Steelhead and all the building that entails and... everything else. A few months ago we finally set up a small storefront in Nevermoor of all the randomness in our inventory we could pawn off to the general public.

Why Bad Bella? My sister has the cutest spawn known to man and boy does she know it. She's a darling one moment and a little monster the next. Every time we call my sister her daughter is always getting into trouble and she always yells 'BAD BELLA!' on the phone. When she grows up she's going to hate her aunt and uncle. (insert mad cackle)

The build itself is actually my first attempt at a cathedral. With all I've created I'm sure people are staring wondering 'he's never made a cathedral?' The answer is no I haven't. I've held off making anything of that structure style, I refer to the flying buttresses and intricate archways of the old secular period. So I freehanded that build based on a few reference materials. Also something I just don't do, I build based on existing structures or use variations of several. I will do a post on the cathedral by itself as it incorporates some unique style of building I haven't used before. Right now I'm trying to 'pimp' my store.

So this is a sampling of stuff we've made for the store thus far.

This little guy is only 1L

Wait is that a hat?
Let's see more!

Wow Tensai's av looks great!

That's not Tensai.... that's me. As much as I love my wife she's so hyper I can't get her to sit still for two minutes, this includes her SL avatar as well. And that's the reason why people have been seeing me in female form lately. You were checking her out weren't you? Yes you were don't lie.

So there it is. The store has its own blog if you wish to visit here it is:

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