Thursday, August 23, 2012

National Institute of Education Singapore

If you've been in group chat you've probably heard me talking about this particular build project. A random person messaged me wanting to know if I could make a grade school for them for what sounded like a massive project for this teacher.. The odd part of this is they had no idea I could build. They had just seen a mountain landscape I made for the PBS Arizona build.

Normally I do not take build projects for anyone. There are a few exceptions such as the Duchess of Skye and I have worked for Nokia-Seimens among other things but I was intrigued by the concept of what they needed the building for.

The NIE is a national board of school authority for many countries but this one was solely focusing on Singapore. It is a project by design that takes potential teachers and teachers aides and brings them together in a virtual world where they role play as children and take turns teaching each other. I thought the idea was ingenious and interesting so I became a slave accepted the request.

To learn more about the NIE please visit:

They wanted a school to resemble the schools of Singapore and one look at what they sent me as a reference had me going 'Oh hell no.' I won't waste your time with a picture, the photos I was given are grey concrete slabs with windows. I warned them repeatedly I do not create modern buildings but they were adamant having me. I looked at potential schools and found one that had the right amount of modern but kept an element of old world I am very used to building.

I found the Nanyang Girls High School that caught my eyes. Instead of grey concrete it had actual brick and colored glass. It is a private secondary school in Singapore for girls. To learn more about Nanyang visit:'_High_School

The Real Life Nanyang Girl's School

I'm sure they weren't really expecting a building like the one I picked. It was a surprise to them and I'm still not sure they liked what I picked but I like it and its massive. Seriously this is the biggest building I've ever created in SL. I spared no expense with prims either. *mad cackle

To visit the NIE in SL:

You can't miss it, its the biggest building on the sim. And oddly enough, smack next door to the other building I created for PBS. Visit them both!

The Virtual High School

Foyer and stairs to the eight classrooms.

The gym.

The "Flag" room

The 'Seuss' Room

The 'Solar System' Room

The Blue Room

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