Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And the madness begins...

Evening, welcome to this area which I have decided to set aside for the geriatric ramblings that come from my mind like a cornucopia of rotten fruit cast to a pure white canvas. Harshly said... I may very well like this blog idea after all.

I am a wanderer by nature, in real life, in second life... in life in general. I've been known to drive until I find out what lies at the end of the road just to satisfy my base need for more of something I cannot identify. For more what? Perhaps that is my lot in life, to never know but search it out. It got me from Idaho Falls to Mesa Arizona a weekend. By chance that she would be frantic I called my mate when I had satisfied my desire to know where the interstate had ended. She sighed a breath of relief and told me to return quickly for she was worried and now lonely. The girl is used to my nomadic lifestyle, before my health began deteriorating I was on assignment for long periods of time across the world.

Marriage... heh.... people who knew me ten years ago and even know me now are stunned to find out I had taken an oath to a single woman. It was an intriguing suggestion that turned into some serious thought and after a week I was invariably curious as to what this... marriage thing is. Being the product of an odd and failed union myself I was more than certain this thing... this oath would not last. Go ahead and pull out the rotten fruit and throw it at me, I deserve it. But I failed to realize whom I was making an oath to and in the end... she puts up with me. Good enough, wont find another like her... the end on that note and don't you dare say 'awww how cute.' Gods.

In lieu of disappearing for several days at a time I put together my own computer and decided to be less... nomadic. But even here in the space of nothing and everything I find myself wandering from this place to another, staying up for days at a time hungrily taking in the knowledge put fourth to me like a man who has thirsted for thirty days in the desert.

By the workings of one of the gods above I was talked into this game by a most unlikely person. I refuse to disclose his name for fear of my association with this individual. He has the spirit of the kitsune accompanied by wearing a noh mask. In Japanese folklore the kitsune (fox) demons of the forest would take on various forms to trick travelers and steal from the villages. They were widely despised for their ways of humiliating their victims... oddly enough the association to this person fits quite nicely. That aside he wanted to bring me into the game so he could use various weapons to shoot at me. Very well...

So here I am in this website that looks as though it sells online subscriptions rolling my eyes. Would this be worth my time? I don't like my time being wasted in frivolous manners with something I would shove aside later for another MMOPG that would in turn be shoved aside for something new. Maybe I should start driving again...

Name? I have to name myself? And even worse I have to choose a last name of their choosing. Great something like Piddlewhack, just call me John Doe and get it over with. I scrolled down and was about to close my eyes and just click on something random but my eyes caught Eclipse and stayed there.

In my youth I was blessed by a Shinto Priestess that had a revalation when she touched my skin with her hands. She revealed my guiding spirit as the moon, the satellite orbiting the earth. I was unworldly... something of the like... its been a nickname for me since and a long Japanese middle name to stand out against my very proper English first and surname that no one but three people could pronounce.

So be it, Lunar Eclipse. It even sounds cool. Then my frustration finding out that someone already has that name. Google is your friend in these instances and how very fortuitous that a total lunar eclipse is more elusive. I've yet to see one myself but for the time being... the name is mine.

TotalLunar Eclipse was born in Second Life on October the 29Th, 2006.

And with that.... let the madness commence.


Emilly Orr said...


Welcome to the chaos.

Christine McAllister Pearse said...

Welcome to the blogging world my dear brother! Let the madness begin!!!