Thursday, November 22, 2007

To give thanks...

Completely OOC...

So here comes that time of year again, wake up, watch Macy's day parade, roll sleeves up and stay in the kitchen until dinner.

Thus goeth the day for me as per tradition for about 13 years now. Around the age of 17 my elderly grandmother of whom is around 98lbs attempted to put a 25lb bird into the oven on her own. My mother of whom raised five children plus one foster child (me) single handedly was not at home during this time and as per laws of gravity that were against my petite 4 foot 10 inch tall grandmother the bird fell down to the ground rolled down the kitchen floor, down the steps into the basement where it found its way under a couch.

I arrived home from work to find the small woman attempting to drag the bird up the stairs desperately trying to hide the fact from my other siblings. With a quick trip to the store for another bird I set out to work and received the 'secret family recipe' for turkey unlike my siblings. It was good, in fact very good. And since that event my grandmother and mother have relinquished the honor of cooking turkey onto me.

I hand selected a turkey by gauging its aura. (No joke I really do this) People stare at me when I get my turkey, my wife does not come with me to the store when turkeys are to be purchased. When I have found the one I want, making sure its over 15 pounds I take it home with me and give an offering to its soul unto the divinities. (don't ask unless you want to go into a three hour long discussion) All you need to know its huge, prebasted and once cooked I'm going to eat it.

I hate yams, I really do. They're like rejected potatoes. I do not know where my dislike for this tuber came from but I just hate them, all of them. And still to date I don't know how I can cook the bastards without tasting them and still have everyone love them.

I know cranberries origins place them as being small berry like objects that are harvested down a stream of sorts. (Saw this on an oceanspray commercial) Whatever form they originated from the form I love looks nothing like its humble beginnings. Jellied cranberries are gelatinous and after opening a can you just tip it upside down and let gravity do its trick. Did I forget to mention I really like jellied cranberries?

Green bean casserole used to be on my 'hate' list but it has started to grow on me. So many things need the oven I may have to expand the kitchen to accommodate another range oven. My wife doesn't mind, more oven means more food and shes quite alright with the arrangement.

So here on this day of thanks with so much food I'm sure we'll have leftover for weeks to come I offer prayers to all the gods I pray to. (my mothers rolling her eyes about the third) I give thanks for all I have although it is fewer than most it is precious and treasured.

To friends, to family, to extended family wherever they may be thank you from me and Tensai to you and yours.

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