Monday, December 24, 2007

The house itself has been a struggle for me. I am not sure why, but it has. Perhaps the stress of the holidays, the acquisition of land treaties and payments extending Steelhead’s boundaries deeper into the Oregon territories but I just wasnt getting anything done with the house I was building for Miss Davies.

Stress… yes that’s what it was. The tree I had grown myself oddly enough I still remembered enough of my father’s teaching so grow it in moonlight praying to the ancient goddess Ithill whom had indeed blessed its rapid growth. So I had one large tree and not much else, but inspiration comes at spouts in time and rather rapidly the Ballroom is a testament to that.

I arrived to my own tree and my ears picked up something not right. Eyes were upon me and I found the source of my anxiety to be a large snow white owl. It sat perched on one of the higher branches, a large scroll of some importance in its talons. Only Miss Lily Lewellen writes me via owl and she was undoubtedly home for the holidays from her studies at Hogwarts. It dropped the massive scroll that fell to an almost audible thud in the snow before the owl flew off, its wings creating no sound in the wind.

Leaning over I picked up the scroll and took it in the house with me so I could uncover its meanings in the light of the oil lamp. It was empty, that is until I rested my hand upon its surface and a elegant script began to vein out until the missive was legible in a language I had not seen in a great many years.

It simply said this:

Son of Surion Eclipse,

Creoso a’ Tel’Ruid Ostar en’Tel’Mithrim

No Elf shall do intentional harm to another Elf, and except in a case where an Elf acts with malicious intent, he shall be helped by other Elves.

Shall he be in violation of the Way and Order through action or inaction shall be cast out.

And in a smaller white parchment it said this,

-the owl returns on Yenearsira for the blood oath with or without signature

I set the missive down on the table wondering why something like this would come to me. Moon elves are a race almost existent except for myself and perhaps more out there that I have yet to encounter. To my knowledge I was already cast out of Avilion for untruthful information regarding some plot to overthrow the current king and queen. I snorted, seriously I had no time to begin a coup’ de tad when I am busy building and negotiating for more land. Yet my stand was not heard and I was banished.

This was a blood pact to rejoin my race in the Order and Way, a celestial pact that becomes part of your blood connecting you to those of your race. But I was not ‘considered’ elven by being in this place mingling myself with races of human and other forms of life and consciousness.

My father left the elven lands before I was boring hiding in exile for reasons undisclosed to me. I was not taught the elven ways other than light reading. To not honor the night mother exclusively carries banishment therefore I wasn’t even considered one of them since I had become a man of worldly faith and practice being raised by a human mother and human siblings.

So why this?

I sent a missive to a sun elf of whom I have become associated with. He informed me all elves must sign some pact to their kind at some point in their lives. In one day my banishment from Avilion suddenly lifted, a missive inviting me to become a knight at the tables in Aglarond and a personal invite to the Tu’rin… all things that are not offered to one who is banished from the divines.

So I sat in front of my small Christmas tree wrapping the small present I had found for Tensai setting it under the tree. Folding my arms I stared at the tree when a stray thought surfaced, what if they want something from me for they would’t have need of a heathen such as myself?

Still… other than my religious views I have caused no harm to my kind. Using a long talon I cut my finger and let a drop of blood fall to the scroll. I carried it outside, draping furs over my form as I looked up and waited for the snow owl to come.

I would celebrate Yenearsira at Steelhead then was invited to Caledon by Miss Eva to finish the night of solstice. The owl came and went taking with it my signature. One day this will return to me, this pact but for now this acceptance from my race brings me great peace.

Later on let them see the folly of their mistake.

I grinned.

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