Monday, February 4, 2008

Build, set build... again, build, set build. Fix random stray object, scour the land and make sure everyones within boundaries, tweak a permission... and repeat.

So I set at my desk in my rarely used office planning out the next stages of Steelhead and its growth. After staring at a blank page for half an hour my writing quill goes down and I close my eyes drifting off into mediation but before I get to that place of mental rest, once again build, set and fix something else. Oddly enough, I do not mind the small distractions my life of servitude both in the Marines and before that to sevreal dieties is accustomed to doing such things. Perhaps it is why I am in this place, to serve. My wife would argue if I had a desire to serve why didnt I take out the garbage instead?

*Smiles* That woman can ground a jet airplane.

Still yet my mind wanders to my mentor Desmond, how he lives a life of servitude. He is one busy individual, more so than other landbarons I have met with. Desmond actually gives a crap what happens to Caledon.

So this perhaps is my future in SL, filled with IM's and requests to fix this or answer this question and such. A small price paid for expansion. Still, Steelhead has a great deal of new faces and the slight worry of 'overexpansion' weighs on our minds, mine as well as others.

One thing I wanted to do was space out our expansion, two months approximately until a new sim is opened to prereservation. That gives the community enough time to soak in the expansion and feel comfortable with it before we move on. I've always wanted to keep main city the central point with its civic builds and such to keep our community centrailized instead of scattered. This by no means is a slight of a specific sim, Ive RP'd in many elven ones that have had such a terrible fate of expansion where it nearly destroyed the RP community so let it be clear I speak in general terms.

Last night I was feeling particularly down and depressed. It happens, we are human and last night was my night. But Eladrinne said something that slapped me right back on track so I am ever grateful for that. 'Steelhead's special.'

Yes, it is and I wish it to remain as such. But expansion means new faces and new people in the community so as citizens of Steelhead we should expand ourselves to new ideas and open ourselves to our new brethern. I would not like to see 'clicks' forming or whatever the deuce people referr to small groups these days. We are an open community of evil mad crazed women that blow their husbands across the sims to flying ferrets in tiny airplanes and robot people and doctors that raise the dead to werewolf sheriffs. What makes us special... is the respect we have for each other. I rarely see fighting between neighbors and trust me if I do see one I *will* intervene.

It is a great community of people that can simply be themselves. No titles, no honorifics, nothing but everyone working twoards a common goal. If I see this being affected by expansion then expansion will cease, I believe what makes Steelhead 'Steelhead' is its citizens and even I cannot comprimise this for the want of more land.

I have higher expectations of our people than I do of others in different sims. Fuzz says it best that to be a Steelhead citizen is a hard working goal. I sold the land in harborside not for my good looks (Somewhere Tensai is snorting out laughing at me) but because those who came and saw Steelhead saw that which made it great and they wished to become a part of it. This tuesday for our meeting I will reaffirm our goals and our duty as citizens. After Steelhead was spotlighted in a book about SL we are seeing a major infusion into the traffic, and what a better time to shine than now. What a better time to welcome more into the fold than now.

I believe I'm rambling again, lack of sleep does things to ones mind.

We are a respected town and a respected people among many sims such as Caledon, Deadwood, Taupo and many others it took alot of hard work and dedication to get where we are. So thank you to those that have been here since the beginning and those that are here now pulling us forward.

*Fumbles around for his quill*

We have alot of hard work ahead of us, but it always is for something of great value.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Yup, there's more to being a Steelhead Citizen than wearing the tag, paying the monthly rent on your lot, coming to the town meeting or events.

We're a community, more so than the majority of other places across The Grid. And we have always worked together to make that community better. I'm worried that some are starting to lose sight of that. Well, maybe this week will start to get us all on the same page.

Unknown said...

Well said Lunar and Sheriff! Do you have a link to this book where we were mentioned in?

Forelle Broek said...

As one of the newcomers, I'm very happy to be part of such an entertaining and friendly community, and I look forward to becoming more active in Steelhead life. Please do let us know what the book is that had the good taste to feature us!