Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ramblings of a mad builder...

I took a stroll through Steelhead as I always do fixing things left and right, planting trees, moving some dirt and patching up cobblestones. Its rare to find the time to do these little fixes but when I do have the time I waste none of it.

And its even nicer to actually finish a build, the cables finally arrived via train to complete the Steelhead Narrows bridge. So for my own gratificiation the bridge is complete. I spent some time in the slow progress of the theatre as well finally deciding on the interior textures to the theatre. I have to get seats commissioned and shipped over but that's on the agenda.

The now complete bridge and Miss Searra's airship hovering in the background.

The Grand Ballroom which shall be recieiving a fresh coat of interior paint shortly.

Silver Rose and her NON PINK building... its salmon!

The newly constructed and 'nameless' Library.

The Saloon where the nuns wait at the doors for drunkards to come out of so they can be beaten.

The ever impressive town hall with blossoming trees.

Miss Katt's new bridge of which she was thrilled about. Soon to come... new house. In all we have a fine looking city, too bad windlight doesnt work on my computer.

I am standing on the edge of Steelhead Main City facing south. Two streets were constructed on either side of the town hall and abruptly stop. Soon this will not be an empty view.


Forelle Broek said...

So many wonderful new developments. I also like the little stone walls that recently appeared along the street between parcels (at least in my little corner of Harborside).

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Ah yes, the road needed some sprucing.

Corgi said...

Manager, I have to talk to you at some point about Yet Another Treehouse so we can finish up the Davies property properly. Nothing as complicated, mind you, but it'll need a rope bridge or something to the aerie section of the Big Treehouse and a door or something on that side added.


Tanarian Davies

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I have Miss Nightfires tree being worked on, I can come up with another.