Wednesday, May 7, 2008

La Noche de Lune

Even though masks were worn that even she was still radiant.

I summed up the courage to ask her to dance, she agreed.

Not many words were said and if they were the night was so enchanted that I do not remember nor wish to remember. Besides, in my experience words are frivolous in the face of such a moment and such a person. After that night we spoke often and we spoke about any and all things. I was entranced... who would not be?

Had I been blind? Perhaps by the amount of work I had done it left me dulled to the sense of those around me. She was there, she had always been there. I build walls around me, I keep many at arms length. I should come with my own disclaimer. Perhaps this will end up as a passing fancy, but perhaps it will not.

I learned from one who had wounded me almost to death before. 'Great love means great risk, and the potential for great loss. Love anyway.'

So perhaps its time to throw caution to the wind and risk again. Perhaps this time, I'll actually be worth something to someone instead of feeling like a third wheel to a freak show.

'I would have missed the pain, but I would have had to miss the dance.' -Maev

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