Tuesday, July 8, 2008

'You are to report to the drow headleader and take your place as a dark elf in Aglarond.'

I sent the owl back, 'I am not a dark elf. I do not worship Lloth.'

I did go as commanded as a member of the elf pack and leader (not to mention the only moon elf) in Aglarond. The caves were very dark my eyes are not developed to see underground as the drow. I walked through the crowd of drow that stared at me wondering what I was doing there. I was wondering that myself.

But it was set and done, I am now a member of the dark elf colony in Aglarond.

My race is Moon Elf, sometimes called Night Elves or Ithill Nénharma (Moon Worshipper). We embrace the celestial night and worship Ithill the Moon Goddess who goes by many other names. Beyond knowing my race I know little more, I was raised among humans.

My father would be startled to know I am aligned with the drow. But it cannot be helped after all the lands are not mine. So I wandered the dark caverns without worry of attack of the spider worshippers. They do not like me and I have no opinion of them. This will be an interesting alliance I am certain.

The caves are quite interesting, I went to inspect a large crystal and heard the creepy sound of children laughing. Needless to say I did not stick around long.

Castles are simply not built for eight foot elves. I had to resort to magic to get up to the second floor.

Here I am getting stuck again.

The view was worth the frustration.

The fey have interesting houses, I took a piece myself to save for dinner.


Neb said...

Aglarond is an amazing glob of sims. Explored a bit yesterday, and spoke to one of the denizens for awhile in a library in the big castle. Sounds like they're combining several mythological traditions, and adding a smattering of Hollywood-ized Christian stuff (basically a diametrical good vs. evil thing). I asked about the boxes of "Gorean goodies" and "BDSM" stuff in the library, and was told, "There's something for everybody, here!" Well, I guess not exactly everybody, because I don't think that kind of thing is very good PR.

I'll probably visit again, but we'll see how their events pan out.


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I do not think the person you spoke to remebered the reason for the box with questionables. Hispa *owner of the sim* put it down to see just how many people would purchase the empty box. Was done quite a long time ago and has become part of the scenery.

As for the RP in the area, its become quite demon/angel centralized. Us terra firma bound residents feel a bit pushed aside. Perhaps there's TOO much going on.