Monday, July 14, 2008

This is more difficult than I had expected.

Perhaps it was the time, or lack thereof.

Having the understanding that I had 30 days, then 18, then inevitably it was cropped to 'all builds must be done by the 16Th' which is of course in two days time some of the corners were rushed, a floor was cut off completely and the engine room will not be as I would have wanted.

Both myself and my human work extremely well under pressure and extreme circumstance. Slivers of a time frame? Not a problem. I tend to be a bit as 'Lars' and after the situation passes I will feel the anxiety and nervousness that has been held back. This time it was different I am nervous now. I take breaks often by sleeping and allowing my human to wander the forest in the backyard to meditate. It helps.

Perhaps it was the subject matter

This is by no means an exact replica of the subject at hand. For one I would need several sets of 16 square acres to start and for two, in the history pages I really cannot find good depictions of the interior of the massive castle. There is no map to boot! How do these mad sparks find their way around this thing? Where is the privy?!

*slaps a label of 'A builders representation of Castle Wulfenbach' on the side of the ship and calls it good*

Perhaps it is my humans lack of paintshop/photoshop knowledge.

This is a very frustrating point for me. I have little knowledge to create textures and before anyone can say 'its so easy' or 'you can learn' do realize I just do not have the time. You are correct, I could learn it and do the things I need but my time constraint between SL/RL and with my human in the middle of writing a novel is just scarce.

I am very thankful to Lumina and Eladrienne who have become my official texture muses. Without their help I would be completely lost. I feel sometimes rather bad for asking their help, some of the things I ask for are not easy to do I'm sure especially working with glass.

Perhaps in the end it is me and the way I am seeing everything so negatively. As I have said before breathing does help. I find it absolutely amusing that I have come this far with my building skills. I haven't even set foot in Steelhead for the past couple of days, maybe I am getting homesick and miss my tree.

Some of the people that come by aren't very friendly or they speak in such a dialect I can barely understand them. The pink gardens next door I try to avoid even looking at, and the cotton candy of a girl decided that pink ponies wasn't enough she plastered fairies and tons of little tiny sparkles all over that cause the lag imps to come make themselves at home close by.

I have two days, maybe I will take the train and come home one afternoon. I must leave this place for my sisters anniversary party. (I will remind someone to send out the notice Tuesday meeting has been moved to Wednesday for Christine's event) My time here is coming to a close it has been for nothing else an interesting experience and I think next year I will not be so extravagant with my subject matter. But I cannot say it has not been an experience.

*accidentally drops a beam and watches it as it falls to the ground and bounces a few times hitting a random pink tree uprooting it*

Take care Steelhead - Lunar


Eladrienne Laval said...

You are very welcome and I am always glad to help. Texture making is fun for me, so never feel bad about asking...

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Herr Lunar,

I wish to reiterate that I was, and remain, extremely pleased with your efforts and their results. You did splendidly, especially under the limitations which you listed.

I will apologise for not having better materials at hand, but my engineers have taken to hoarding much away even from me.