Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Milord Lunar,

The clerics have found a cure... but since you are allied with the dark elves they were reluctant to give information. So I relieved them of it when they slept. I do not worry for repercussion my lady will not allow them to harm me.

Be well, Butterfly... lady in waiting.

The owl screeched at me so I fed it a piece of pie that Christine had given me a few days ago. The owl accepted the treat and flew off.

It was time to return to Aglarond.

There is a certain cave that makes no logical sense. It is known as the moon caverns that the clerics try and cover up keeping to themselves.

This is the view from inside the cave.

So, long after the clerics went to sleep I snuck into their sacred underground temple and healed myself. Apparently they worship this chalet.

So I waited in the light of the moon for the healing to occur and my connection to the moon restored.

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