Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Do they even like you over there?" Tensai muttered as she stared upwards into one of the higher branches of the house where a huge snow white owl was perched looking down, in its beak a red ribbon holding onto a rolled up scroll. "I thought you were loyal to the Simbul or whatever."

The owl blinked its big eyes and stared.

I was loosing my patience. "They didn't buy my loyalty. Just my services."

"So you're a whore?"

I turned and glared at her green eyes and big smile before I looked away. "Not exactly." How was I supposed to get the owl to let go of the damned letter? "Where is Lumina she may have some dead mice in her ice box."

"I think she said they were fattening." Tensai snapped her fingers, "I got just the thing!"

In a few moments a small robotic creature came out holding a huge metallic contraption. "This will get him down."

When she raised the machine onto her shoulder and found the trigger I had to stop her. "Tensai I don't think that's a good idea."

"Don't worry I'm aiming for the branch."

"Have you tested it out yet?"

"Nope!" She happily lowered her goggles over her eyes.

Her too cheery squeak caused me to suddenly feel a dark shiver up my spine. I had enough time to cover my ears when the 'machine' went off.


My ears rang and I felt my head spinning as the ground shook. Tensai's face was pitch black as the small clank that had been there had been hit with the shell of the bullet and was currently flattened into a small thin piece of metal. Not only did she hit the branch but managed to put a huge hole in the tree. The owl, nowhere to be found save its feet that were still clutching the tree, had indeed released the parchment as it was floating down towards me.

"That may have been a bit too much?" I asked her as the letter finally reached the ground.

"Hey, you're either underpowered or well prepared."

"Wise words to live by dear." I muttered looking down at the letter.

'My master Lunar,

This had first been a slight human illness. When the Druids lost their mental link to nature it was too late, it spread to the elves and even a dragon has been caught. Everyone is looking for a cure so please be well. Maybe you're black blood is the reason you aren't sick like everyone else?

Please be well make sure Mistress Tensai does not blow up my mushroom... again.

-Lady in Waiting to the Simbul, Butterfly'

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