Monday, September 22, 2008

As Steelhead heads in the midst of further expansion it was about time we set roots upon the lands that helped us further ourselves. For some time I had sat upon the newspapers of Caledon waiting for a piece of land for Steelhead to claim. Usually being two minutes too late to stake claim was rather disheartening.

When Nix Sands offered up two seperate lots I immediately sent him an owl and went myself and waited for him there. Perhaps the gentleman thought I was a stalker, but we now have our Embassy.

I give you Steelhead Embassy, Caledon Penzance.

Miss Laval and myself stand at my two hours of handiwork. Modeled after the Steelhead Town Hall I wanted a building that would stand out from the brilliant color of Penzance. I believe I am satisfied with the results.


Christine McAllister Pearse said...

O.O First off....HOOOO!!!!! And Congratulations on this achievement for Steelhead...and now....YOU BRAT!!!! Why didn't you tell me!!!! Gah!!!!! :-P *hunts for CHED to have dog your steps for the next 6 months*


Your Sis ;-)

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

HEY! I bought the lot last night!