Friday, November 28, 2008

one close call

"Where the devil is it?" I muttered as I searched once again through the file drawer only to find it missing completely. I crawled on my hands and knees on the ground and sifted through the 'out' mail only to find it completely missing.

"I'm over here."

I stood up and glared at the man who sat at the corner of the room. His large violet eyes glowed in the dark corner of the room. Every time the fire cracked it would illuminate his all too familiar features. I was sure he was merely jesting nay that, he was actually answering the question as he is not familiar with the ways of the world and its sarcasm. "Chronos, it was rhetorical."

"Ahhh... I see." He leaned back in the seat and merely picked up a newspaper blinking when his long talons ripped into it. He set it aside and stood up abruptly feeling sheepish as his long wings knocked over an urn sending it crashing to the ground. "I can fix that!"

"Chronos, do not worry." I sat down and started to go through another file. "My office and house are big enough to handle your... appendages." I found an unnamed folder and started rifling through it.

"What about... the nuns?"

The way he said it caused me to stare at him. That was right, his last contract had been a nun... a rather young nun. So far Sister Katherine has given me the cold shoulder after yelling so loud my ears almost bled. But that had been the extent of the damage to my person. They were oddly... accepting. Perhaps the order knew of Chronos already.

Oh yes, file! No time to think its extremely important!

"Can I help you Lunar?"

"Yes, at this point I don't care for order, find me a file that says 'Port Harbor." We searched my office, my home office, my building platform and the new lands themselves with no avail. "This is not good." I put my hand on the pier railing and closed my eyes, "Thank the gods though."

"Why is that?" he stood beside me leaning his arms on the railing letting his shoulders rest from carrying his massive wings.

"The file contained not only receipts to the lands but the advertisements, covenant agreements, important notes and even build plans to this." I gestured the buildings and pier we were standing on and the mighty bridge not to far from our field of vision. "If I would have waited a day to build these things... they would be lost forever and you'd find me at the bottom of a bottle at the Saloon with ol' boB."

"So what happens now?"

"I'll get the citizens to send me copies of the receipts I sent them. Tensai has the copy of plans to the city and the pier and bridge, I can draw out some more plans for the building."

Still I let out a sigh of relief. The file was never found but I didn't lose the buildings and there are copies of everything else out there.


Doktor Sweetwater said...

At least hyu hed beck opz for de shtuff. It vould heff been a real dizaster if hyu hedn’t.

Doez Sl uzually return de shtuff dat disappearz?

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Supposedly they do, one can contact concierge or linden labs support if an item has been lost. Success rate may vary. In my case I opted to ask everyone for a copy and took a copy of my builds and gave copies to an alt of mine.