Monday, December 1, 2008

the gods have demanded... a sacrifice

Take me!

I shall be thine sacrifice for your nefarious ways o' Lords of the grid world o' Gods or Demons that is known to all as Lindens. Take mine prims, take mine shoe... or shove it up where the sunlight cannot enter as you have done in times prior!

This elven man of the moon shall be your object of torture! I surrender o' great ones to whatever you deem this lowly coward of immortal sins.

Just let my people move in!

Take this as a token of my willingness to comply to your demands.

*tosses some hair into the fire and takes a step back, tear streaming down a cheek*

Miss Mara, if you can get back into the grid you're very welcome to move in now.

1 comment:

Waltzing Matilda said...

Mara's been kidnapped by some crazy mole king in New Babbage.