Saturday, December 27, 2008


This is roughly how I feel at the moment. Juggling SL, RL, then having to take classes and tax update courses and then the daunting task from not working to going full time. My caregiver is leaving town for a month so I will be taking the bus (woo hoo). With the economy in its terrible state I feel our season will be very stressful indeed.

My time in SL will be cut quite short after the second of January, I hate dropping the task of Steelhead on others but I will be relying on my councilors more than ever. Each one of them has tasks and duties to fulfill. I have a good team and can trust each of them to take care of the city in my absence.

I worry a great deal over Steelhead. I have been doing so for almost two years now. Every little thing, the building, the community, the workload has mostly been mine own to handle. I take great satisfaction in actually being needed as in my RL situation I am fairly worthless, my inability to work full time and my failing health have left me feeling sick and crippled.

So I see January to April not as stressful because of what I do but a personal relief that I am not completely debilitated. I actually like stress, as odd as it sounds. But with the economy in its miser sate this tax season will begin rather ... sad is the correct word I'll use.

I will also be volunteering in HR Block sim giving out free tax advice, if you have tax questions I will be glad to answer them. No need for SS#'s, just drop me a note card or email with your name, question and I'll take it to the board so we can research. Until January 15th there is little work to be done and everyone is dying for research. We're an odd bunch, getting excited over taxes but my favorite thing to do is call up the IRS and stump them as we have in the past or get into an argument with an agent over a definition. Hey we're paying them to take our money know that there are people that keep even the IRS on their toes.

To ease my life a little bit while I am working:

If you have a question or a parcel line needs to be moved or someone wants to buy land... please drop me a note card with your question. Don't IM me offline... my IM's cap daily. I answer as quickly as possible or get to the problem as quickly as possible. Don't IM me even if I am online, as I am probably answering a dozen note cards.

All technical questions are to be taken to Tensai. Technical? Your rental poles, the sim needs restarting... nerdy questions. Tensai has offlines go to her cell phone so you can send her an offline message if she is working.

Meetings are conducted by Fuzzball Ortega, if you have something you want to announce please IM or drop him a notecard preferably BEFORE the meeting. I normally frown upon 'during meeting' IM's and from this point on... they will be ignored until the next meeting.

All group invites can be handled by management, and councilors. Events listing, group notices are also handled by councilors as well. (Group notices: We will be going into some extreme detail on what will get sent and what will not get sent as far as notices are involved. All group notices for events OUTSIDE of Steelhead must be cleared by Lunar.)

If there are people that are being rowdy, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ITHILL do not turn a griefer into a confused TP mess! Contact Fuzzball or Tensai immediately. They are the only two that can engage a counter attack on greifers. Contact councilors if Tensai and Fuzz are not online (tensai can estate ban offline if needed). You as a landowner can ban people off your parcel. If I catch someone griefing a griefer... it won't be a pretty talk. 90% of the time its a noob that's confused so assess the situation or just call management.

If I can think of anything else I'll post it up here and then on Ning.. then at the meeting. So you have no excuse. BUAHAHAA

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