Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Go away."

"It'll be fun! I just need to test out my new composite, micro-lattice, high-index refraction array for my telescope. according to my notes it should amplify the infrared spectrum to un-heard of levels! see... the micro-lattice causes the light to deffract at the quantum level, thus making it possible to detect minute variances in the atomic spin of the sub-structure of the photons. this way I don't interferre with the quantum state of the wave, and the signalg integrity is preserved! isn't that great!?

I had no idea what she was speaking of, sometimes in the middle of her speaking about something... metal and technological and she'll go into a long winded description and my mind will simply phase out. I have tried to keep up and really listen and learn about the things she does and says and sometimes blows up but she's over 10,000 years my senior.

She prodded the covers with a the steel toed boot she was wearing digging slightly into my back, "Come on Lunar you love going outside and seeing the stars at night besides how am I to carry this stuff all by myself?!?"

Yes, make the elf carry the big equipment. "Woman just get one of your mechanical aids to do it."

"Awww that's no fun Lunar. Don't you worship the moon or something like that?"

"Not tonight, I'm sick."

"Bull, I know you can't get sick. I've slipped thousands of pathogens in your morning tea... so far you seem immune to them all." I heard her smile coyly, "well not thousands... hundreds maybee... and well some chemicals..."

"I know you did dear." Not sure how many times I told her I do not contract human illlnesses, yet she had to test that theory. I felt the bed shift as she sat down beside me. I heard her unroll a map or something but I stubbornly kept the covers over my head.

"According to my calculations, we are due for a total lunar eclipse, not you that is, your already here... oh wow, this time all the moons, planets and even the three closest stars are in perfect sync! I haven't seen this since... well I've never seen this! oooh! you need to help me get my telescope setup! My robot arm can't do it alone... aww pleeeeese lunar!?"

She started to shove my shoulder a few times whining like a kitten and I let out another sigh feeling my resolve slip away. Tensai was danm cute when she started to beg like that, or when she wanted to buy another bomb for her collection. How could I deny her? "Anaranë Alcarin." She stopped shoving when she heard me call her name in elven, I rarely speak the tongue unless I need to get her attention, "I just don't want you to see me."

There was a minute or two of silence before she stood up off the bed. I heard her walk a few steps and there was another minute of silence. Did she leave? The covers were yanked off me forcibly and I grabbed the nearest pillow to cover my face but it was too late.

I opened one eye to make sure she wasn't going to grab a pitchfork then the other when she was just standing there staring at me... the shocker was her hands were clasped together, there was a huge smile on her face and there was sort of a mad glee in her eyes.

"Oh Lunar look at you..."

I sat up and did just that. My skin was still tinted blue and my hair still glowed eerily. My eyes widened at her next words.

"... I have to prep the tanks!"

When I looked up she was gone but I could hear her boots on the wood floor running down into the labs. I never expected... that sort of reaction. Usually when this happened there was a great deal of pitchforks and angry mobs trying to run me out of town. I leapt out of bed and got dressed, I'd have to run again but for ENTIRELY other reasons.


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