Friday, April 3, 2009

Someone once told me, 'I would have been spared the pain but I would have missed the dance.' It is entirely true. Someone else told me, 'With great love comes the possibility of great loss... love anyway.'

Her ashes came home not to long ago, a box simply labeled 'Cuddy.'

But she is more than a box of ashes of her corporeal self, she was so much more than that to me. I will remember her, and make her memory immortal. She was my guardian for so long, I owe it to her.

I believe I want to share our story.

I acquired her through an ad in a newspaper, 'free kittens.' Who would give a kitten away for free? I had been around enough pedigree animals that the concept was foreign. Against the wishes of those I lived with I went, and saw a tiny kitten whose ears had just unfolded.

I was in love.

She couldn't eat or drink so she was bottle fed, I had to take particular care of the teeny kitten because she was too young to eat and didnt know how to properly clean herself.

Here she is asking for food, her collar says 'feed me.'

She was often the inspiration to some of my writing, always making sure one of my characters had a tabby cat around the house.

Eyes as deep as the ocean she carried intelligence beyond me, she carried me through the very best of times, the very worst of times. She saved my life, without her presence I would not be here.
She was upset when I brought home my wife. She literally turned her nose at me, flicked her tail and hissed at Tensai and would take long trips away for a few days. It took awhile to get her to warm up to my wife but in the end she was mother to both me and Tensai.

Thank you for the best 19 years.
You will be missed sorely, and I will always love you.
- Lunar


Mara said...

Aww Lunar, I'm so sorry about your kitty.

Neb said...

She was a grand kat, and well-loved. Your pain is only equal to the joy you had with her.