Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mad builder...

So I have time to breathe now, after opening two sims in four months I need a break. I respect Desmond Shang greatly for having the ability to do them so quickly but... unlike him I am the only builder. But I did achieve my goal, two sims in one year.

My human finds himself the day manager at his office, he is a tax professional so he hit the ground running for tax season on January 2nd. As far as myself, Lunar, is concerned I will be taking a break from the rapid succession of building and building and terraforming with... yes you guessed it... more building and building and terraforming.

The next four months I will dedicate myself to doing projects I left behind in favour of sim opening. I will put any thought of sim expansion out of mind entirely and focus on things that need to be addressed.

Mt Hood - Now that Tensai has figured out how to take the USGS survey and turn it into a .raw I will be using this to reshape Mt Hood into its RL self. This began last night already and is my current project.

Port Harbor - The entire pier will have a rework done to it, with Tensai's mastery of sculptie making we will be tearing the pier apart and pretty much starting over. Infuse that with a re-theme of the pier docks to be more... pirate/industrial and it will give it a new updated look. I am working with builders already to get this project started as soon as I am ready for it.

I am not above thinking all my builds are perfect and must never be fixed or moved or updated. The more I build the better I get and the more I want to mess with things I perhaps shouldn't be messing with but I just itch to fix things.

The Town Hall - This one may not happen for some time but I really really really really want to rebuild this. Techniques changed, again sculpties can be implemented to reduce prim count and wouldn't it be fun to blow it up?

I know I am going to regret saying this but... I want to remake the ballroom. /me runs for cover.

Am I going mad? Perhaps... but I at least I am not going angry.

- The Elf.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

ooo, you are going to be busy! Exciting times ahead for Steelheadians - and explosions to boot!

Rhianon Jameson said...

I shall wait excitedly and listen for distant explosions.

Rai Blaylock said...

Go you! Two sims in one year when its just one person putting them together is a big deal.