Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sheer Madness

This is my mini-map.
And its showing all of Steelhead, all six sims.
For those who are not aware, the blue represents objects on those sims I own.


Riven Homewood said...

Waaay too much. But definitely part of what makes Steelhead such a wonderful place to live.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Now I find that an interesting comment. The fact that practically two people have built up steelhead does it mean all the sims are uniform and that's its appeal?

Dio said...

I think it might help if you didn't look at the blue as being about ownership--after all, what do we really own here?

Think of it as the imprint of a vision. I wouldn't call it uniformity either, as that implies a certain bland sameness that certainly isn't the case.

It might be more accurate to say that there is continuity across the sims, and unity of spirit that appeals to the people who are drawn into the community of communities that inhabits the inter-connected landscapes and streetscapes that you have created.

A great many of the the most appealing environments that evolve in-world are shaped by some unified vision. That draws in the multiple residents, each of whom brings their own social and cultural vision that populates your environment and gives it additional depth and diversity of character and life. So it's not about uniformity or sameness.

Is that pretty blue reflective of some madness?

Yes. Probably. A beautiful madness.

Kevin Frost said...

One of the nice things about using "Henry" is that the folks that rebuilt the infrastucture in New Babbage got their minimaps back.

Chronos Sinner said...

I think Lunar was hit more with the 'HOLY SHIT I BUILT ALL OF THAT' of it all.