Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've been working on Nevermoor and the builds that will be going down. I've had some interesting questions so I'll answer them here, and on the ning.

What buildings are you making for it? Quite frankly none, Nevermoor will be mostly deep forest. The only builds it will have are the angelic statues and some delicate structures you see below.

Where is the coastline? Quite frankly there is none. Despite the catchy name the region are moors... low lying wetlands. There will be water in the form of various wetland ponds but there is no 'ocean' so to speak. This region is in hint of the RL Olympic forests of Washington State. The only water is simside, somewhere down the line we're adding a sim above Port Harbor that will neighbor Nevermoor but that's the extent of development I have for this area of Steelhead... for now that is.


Aunt Foggy said...

Stunning. This new sim pushes all my aesthetic buttons :)

Fun Lover said...

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