Thursday, September 30, 2010

Steelhead Nevermoor

Now this one I'm really excited about doing. For all my years being in Steelhead and watching her grow this is the first fantasy inspired region I am going to create.
For those familiar with our RFL 2010 'Alice' build we will be using some of the items created for that in this forest fantasy. Weeping angels, the brick walls, the art nouveau statues and a few other hand picked ideas. If this theme works we'll see another region.
"As you pass the twisted metal gates you enter another world beyond the towering city skyline into dense forest and moss covered cobble pathways. Winding through the dense forest, sun beams break through the canopy casting glow to the lush green forest floor of the olympic forests.

Dark forest fantasy gothica meets art nouveau elements inspired by 2010 designer sim 'Alice' by Tensai & Lunar. Name inspired by 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe Steelhead Nevermoor will be the seventh Steelhead Territory coming in October/November.

Residential and commercial lots avaliable. All homes/buildings must be ok'd by management so please ask first. Please drop a notecard on TotalLunar Eclipse with the lot number you're interested in. Lots are zoned red for commercial and green for residential."

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