Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just a side business I started doing awhile back. Oddly enough I do not sell any builds besides the occasional custom project. Back in my early SL year when I still wore cat ears 'The Pink One' taught me to set flexi prims. A friend of a friend of a friend three times removed asked me to make her a sample of capes she supplied the textiles but she eventually bailed on me so I sell them myself.

Well I've had too many handfuls of requests to turn my back from it especially from my elven brethren whom are still in winter seasons. The finest fur prims were hunted down in the northern California redwood territories and the shipment finally arrived via train so I put the pelts to good use.

Butterfly having been staying in Aglarond with her kin seen in the bigger photo. Lacking a male model the white haired git you see is me. Don't ask about the horns, all I can say is that I messed up some potions again. And no, don't offer to saw them off either.

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