Thursday, July 24, 2008


Miss Laval inspired me to do this. Now that the relay is over and I am unstressed I shall tell you a story, but not of myself.

It was ten years ago, almost to do the day. I had picked up Miss Renee’ from a regular checkup they had been doing some blood work and the results were in. I was with my fiancee at the time and all three of us were going to go register or whatever the devil that is, I still know not.

She seemed a bit pale, quiet and meek. The women of this household and my life are strong, outspoken almost amazon. They wield chainsaws and move heavy furniture and it is almost an insult for me to offer help. It is just who they are, Tensai is no different so she was welcomed with open arms. So her lack of response was unusual.

Suddenly she took my hand tightly and held it. “Son I have cancer. They said I have six months to live.”

I am unsure of how the disease filters through the body she had breast cancer in both sides. Her eldest son had moved away and was not to be bothered, the other son my age was too famous a model to be disturbed so it was my responsibility to take care of my younger sister and handicapped little brother as she underwent treatment.

Life though did not change. She would not allow it, she dislikes pity and planned on working until she could not stand anymore. She did not cry, did not change any aspect of her life even after radiation therapy. But oddly enough she did not lose her hair.

This moment I will never forget. We were at a Chinese restaurant and everyone was opening her fortune cookies. Hers was blank. Reality must have hit her then and there and the dam she had built to contain her fears, anxiety, sadness overflowed.

Six months came and went the cancerous cells of what came out of her biopsy showed the cancer in a state of remission. “Its still there, just asleep.” She says. She was still alive, and still strong. But her fight was far from over.

Doctors showed she had cancer in her thyroid, and she had six months to live. By this point when you are given such a fate a second time you are prepared to face that step in darkness. After they destroyed her thyroid she was ill quite often but she was still alive.

Then they said she had cervical cancer and six months to live, she refused treatment. A biopsy two years later showed miraculously healthy non cancerous cells.

When they told her she may have leukemia she just smiled, I was there. At the moment she is at an appointment to test her for cancer in her para thyroid (I didn’t know we had these)

She has retired early and now lives here with me. I have to keep an eye on her she’s still as crazy chainsaw wielding Amazon from before, just now she’s a senior citizen and I have taken away the chainsaw.

Eventually the cancer will kill her that much is certain. When she was given lemons in life she decided she wanted to make lemonade and share that with all of her children whom are now quite close to her.

It has grounded my faith not just in a Deity but in humanity and the potential of the individual.

So why do I relay? Because I believe in her.

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Eladrienne Laval said...

Thank you for sharing that Lunar...

I think that so much has to do with the individual. My mother, like yours, saw it as "I have it. I can't dwell on it...I must move forward." They're an inspiration...and should be.