Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ooc ranting

I live in the United States, not by choice at first since it was my parents who moved here and inevitably disowned me here, I changed my names legally afterwards this fact is important in my future. I was fostered by a multiracial family who oddly enough were from the same country I was born in.

My citizenship status has always remained as a permanent resident alien. When I was younger I did not change it due to laziness and frank stupidity and when I joined the marines I did not change it either due to even more laziness plus I was busy in Lebanon and by then I had just forgotten. After 9.11 the laws took drastic changes and since I changed my names, it had become invalid.

This does not mean I am illegal, it just means I have to get my paperwork done. That is easier said than done when I have to find an embassy to even get in a waiting list for my birth certificate which was burned in a fire we had years ago. The only piece of paper that I have that says I even exist is my marriage certificate.

End of personal story and on with the rant.

CeAire kindly invited me to Eshi Otawara’s hour sim project. She did an amazing job, I would suggest seeing it if you have not already. Her human has a rather tragic story she may get deported due to her visa being rejected after her husband passed away. I have been in enough waiting lines to know the in’s and out’s of immigration. There are advocacy groups out there for her. Yet when I told her my own predicament… this was a response I got from some random person.

Patchouli Woollahra: zomg, TotalLunar iz a terrierist?

I had no idea that my citizenship status immediately turned me into a terrorist. I was shocked and blatantly appalled by that. I have been called many names before. When I say I live I the United States many believe my home is a trailer park and I go hunting and watch ball games and football and yell at my wife to get me some beer. I do not like sports, I play several instruments speak three languages and learning a fourth and because my hair is long it does not mean I am unkempt. This sort of profiling is rather degrading to the 90% of Americans that do not fit that description.

Patchouli Woollahra: Total, in Australia, two years in the army as a non-national would have conferred citizenship rights upon you, no questions asked.

Well that’s very nice of you Miss Patch I do not live in Australia and do not care to. The time I spent in Melbourne I met some amazing lifelong friends and more so have gone to some insanely fun parties so I have seen both sides of the fence and by choice alone remain in the United States. This sort of tactless remark will not tarnish my view of the good time I had spent there.

This had to be said it was weighing on my mind for several hours. I have heard some blatant stupidity before but plain ignorance is not to be accepted nor tolerated. Personally my opinions of others are not based on color of skin, origins of nationality, sexual preference, disability, or any other prime example of prejudice. I just am not, I don’t honestly care.

I am multiracial German, Spaniard, Scottish, English, Japanese and more born in South America. I do not hold true to one race. Tensai is Irish, English, and American Indian among others as well. We are mutts, but at this point breeding does not matter anymore. The Internet has turned that large planet we live in into a mental unification of sorts. And this is the end… I am tired.

*takes a breath and gets off of soap box


Unknown said...

Wow. Stupidity of INTERNATIONAL proportions...

Eladrienne Laval said...


If only it was that easy to combat ignorance...

Christine McAllister Pearse said...

*joins Eladrienne with the sigh*

I don't understand how not having the "right" paperwork makes one a "terrierist". What is a Terrierist anyhow? Is it a person who impersonates terriers or specializes in them or something?? I'm sorry you had to meet such an "idjit" and I think we can be thankful that they tend to avoid Steelhead in general.

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Terrierist. Must stop the terrierism that is happening in this world. Me, I like German Shepards.

Diamanda Gustafson said...

Welcome to that club baby..

Hotspur O'Toole said...

I had an Irish Terrier growing up. His name was Cletus. I wonder if that makes me a closet Sinn Fein type.

I'm sorry you are encountering such grief and reactionary response. Speaking only as a human being, not as an American, I think this country is a better place with you in it. Hope you get things resolved to your satisfaction.