Thursday, July 17, 2008

Relay for Life

Progress on the Wulfenbach Castle.

Progress on the Mini Steelhead.
Miss Eladrienne Laval suggested coming as a tiny, Fuzz will come as Godzilla.

The view from the Street.

Wulfenbach Castle looking over Steelhead Mini City.

Interior ballroom of Castle Wuflenbach.

Why I relay.

I have lost many to cancer and will lose more through the years. It is difficult to see such strong people slowly deteriorate and waste away. But I do not remember them for that, I remember them because they still live in my memories.

My mother has breast cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer and she is still fighting. I am her caregiver and she is my inspiration. She is strong, even now.

I also have a friend who is dying of colon cancer, soon he will not be with us anymore but I admire him for his will to live and the way he laughs in spite of it all.

Tensai has a sister who has breast cancer. She has lost all her beautiful hair but she still smiles so breathtakingly.

To those who love and lost, remember them in strength not weakness, in life not death.


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Unknown said...

Fantastic! As long as Agatha Heterodyne doesn't show up your builds should be safe...