Thursday, May 14, 2009

I didn't create Steelhead, someone else did.

I just helped her reach her potential and will continue doing so for as long as the grid holds out.

As we overlooked the city he commented on how much the city grew from its humble roots, we spoke of our communities as a whole and the people who lived in them and before he left he said one thing that caught me.

"You've done a good job considering."

"Considering what?" I wondered what he was going on about considering he was the owner of a very popular community like themed as our own.

"You take in strays."

Steelhead. I love this town, I didn't always. When I first lived here the manager was cruel, mean and had a personal agenda that began with herself and ended with herself. But aside from that the few people that I met here were unlike any I saw anywhere else. We were hired to rebuild a few of the older dated buildings and we agreed. The time had come where we felt we should go. Our store packed away, our time machine in boxes we were to bid farewell to Steelhead.

But as you know that never happened. We were never asked, the title of management was given to us without our knowledge and we decided to see where it took us. That was around February of 07'. We started everything over, every prim was replaced, every building remade all the streets repaved. The face of Steelhead changed, I changed it purposefully.

We broke away from the western cities that disliked us, ridiculed us and even shunned us as we were not 'true RP.' To date I am not allowed in some cities because I chose to be an elf and not human. I am the least prejudice person I know, as a man of the cloth I have an order to uphold but before that I just never did. Steelhead would become a haven for all, tinies, furries, werewolves, elves, demons, etc.

It became a city of healing. There was so much pain in the world, people who felt abandoned, people abandoned, hearts broken and those that just wanted to talk because they had a bad day. I don't speak in real life, I am just a quiet writer that was dragged into this world by his wife. I am a priest as well but have no calling in my church any longer. So they spoke, I listened, they wanted to be accepted, I welcomed them home... before I knew it Steelhead was healing me more than I healed it so it seems. My time here is time invested, it is not a game to me but a place I come to help others. I never took a linden for what we did. Why should I, its a game and a fun one at that.

I love this city, I love her people. I love you, every single one of you. I spend time on my knees for those who ask for blessings or for those who I feel need a little more of a push from day to day.

I know we are not of like minds, we disagree from time to time but that is 'human' in relative terms. I have always wanted to instill tolerance for each other, an acceptance where in RL people are cruel and unforgiving and unkind. I used to be such a person and have tried so hard to rid myself of those emotions that darken our spirits.

We are all here for different reasons, we're here to find love, we're here to play, we're here because we have no where else to be. Whatever reason exists I have heard it all and felt the anguish and pain others have felt in RL. I hoped that I could create a place in SL where others feel welcomed, they feel loved, they are heard.

With the economy going into uncertainty I foresaw a lot of anguish. People came begging to me for tax refunds, please oh please I am begging you... work this year was so emotionally painful it left me feeling like an empty shell. My own life began caving in on me, I found out the only best friend I had in RL died, I lost my cat of whom raised me, I am ignoring something that may very well kill me, my mother has cancer, my father is dying...

We all have our problems. It is nice to know we can come into a place where we can get away, or help others, or have a release of life. To me I am glad that I am heard, and I am honoured that I am among so many precious souls. I am sad when you fight, happy when you are content and proud when I hear how you've grown.

To the man who told me I took in 'strays'... fine... they're my strays and I am so very proud of each and every one of them.

Long live the fish.


Eladrienne Laval said...

Steelhead is a special place, with a strong community filled with wonderful people. I love being there and that is why it is my home inworld--because it truly FEELS like one.

You are very much loved by us too Lunar. *hugs you*

Chronos Sinner said...

I like pie!

Hotspur O'Toole said...

You always take the high road, Lunar. That can be a lonely place. I admire you for it. So might this carpenter from Galilee I know. :-D

Don't let the weenies get you down, Cottontop. You have many people on your side.


Neb said...

Well said!

Nabila (stray cat) Nadir

PS Pie to the people!

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Well, I'm a purebred......but the strays you take in are totally awesome. I wouldn't have Steelhead any other way.

well....maybe a statue of the town's sheriff......What? Figured the pigeons would do their business on that instead of me.

Eva Bellambi said...

You are kind and generous, and we are all better for knowing you, Lunar. Thank you for making Steelhead the place that it is.

The stray cats - the Heinz 57s - in all of us are thankful that this community exists.

Much love~

Vivito Volare said...

As another land baron has told me more than have won the game :)
And I love Steelhead because it is so very inclusive and positive, and those of you who put out that positive energy and love attract more to you.
Keep up the great work!
Fogwoman Gray (Vivito is signed in and I am too lazy to change it)