Wednesday, November 7, 2007

May I present to you, a concept map of Steelhead Harborside

Created with the Puget Sound peninsula in mind Harborside will soon be settled along the north side of Steelhead. Mostly residential to accommodate the growing number of those who wish to settle in the town of Steelhead.
Lush protected waterways and inlet, lots nestled in between groves of trees and a suspension bridge linking the peninsula between the narrows create a serene atmosphere for those wishing to live in a more rustic rural setting.
Future growth to the east of Harborside and the south of Main City Steelhead will come in the following year or sooner if the demand is high. Conceptual art for such expansion is still in the works but will be unveiled as soon as possible.
Please IM or email me regarding residential interest in Harborside already eleven plots are reserved. To see what is left please visit the town hall in Steelhead.

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